Level: 7
75 HP 40 MP 15 EXP 19 - 29 mesos
Weapon Attack: 37 Magic Attack: 0 Weapon Defence: 5 Magic Defence: 20
Accuracy: 40 Avoidability: - Speed: - Knockback: 1
Magician: -
Setup: -
Quest (drops):
HP Recovery: -
MP Recovery: -
Weak against: tbd
Strong against: tbd
Rainbow Street - Hunting Ground Middle of the Forest II
Victoria Road - The Rain-Forest East of Henesys
Mini Dungeon - Henesys Pig Farm
Victoria Road - The Forest East of Henesys
Rainbow Street - The Field East of Amherst
Victoria Road - L Forest I
Victoria Road - L Forest II
Victoria Road - L Forest III
Victoria Road - Kerning City Middle Forest I
Victoria Road - Kerning City Middle Forest II
Victoria Road - Kerning City Middle Forest III
Victoria Road - Thicket Around the Beach II
Victoria Road - 3-Way Road-Split
Hidden Street - The Pig Beach
Hidden Street - Beach Hunting Ground
Victoria Road - Forest West of Henesys
Victoria Road - A Hill West of Henesys
Warning Street - The Road to the Dungeon
Hidden Chamber - Secret Place
Quests (kills):
Here little Piggy...
Mai's Last Training
The Truth Behind the Black Shadow
Protect The Nautilus' Emergency Food Supply
The Beginner Pirate's First Training Session
The Beginner Pirate's Second Training Session
Beginner Pirate's Third Training Session
Mai's Monster Problem