What Sen wants to eat (Nina and Sen's Dinner Menu)

Maple Island Quest
Level 0+

Required items to unlock:

Needs to be completed for Returning to Nina.
Available: Let's talk to Nina.
Accepting quest:
Oh, a traveller!! Nice, right on time... I have a favour to ask, will you do it for me? Go a little more to the right and you'll find a boy.
That's my little brother, Sen. Will you please ask him what he wants for dinner?
In Progress: I ran into Nina who was thinking about what to make for Dinner for her brother, Sen. I have to go and talk to Sen who is next to Nina, and find out what he wants to have for dinner.
Delivering quest:
Next quest: Returning to Nina
Completed: I asked Sen, Nina's brother, what he wants to have for dinner. He answers he wants to have a Mushroom Soup.