Letter for Lucas (Sam's Request)

Maple Island Quest
Level 0+

Requires Help Hunt the Snails to be completed.

Needs to be completed for Lucas' Reply.
Available: I heard Maria need a help...
Accepting quest:
Oh, hey there! You must be new to this place and... you seem to have trained quite well. What? Sam asked you to clear out some snails for me?
Wow, thank you so much! You know, there are delicious mushrooms growing all around Mushroom Town, and I wanted to pick some up myself, but there were so many Snails out there that I was a bit hesitant to go. Thanks to you, I can now safely walk there and meet up with Sam. Thank you, and thank you.
Now that the Snails are gone, I feel relieved that I can safely pick those mushrooms up til late. Hmmm... I'm sorry to ask you this, but... can you do me another favor?
If I return late, our chief of this town, Lucas, will get very worried about me. Please take this letter, and give it to Lucas at Amherst. What? Where's Amherst?
Since you're at the split road, all you need to do is take the one on Northeast. That should lead you to Amherst. If you aren't sure, then press W to open the World Map and see where you're going. If you happen to lose the letter, please come back and see me. I can always write another one.
Maria's Letter x 1
In Progress: I met Maria who was desperately looking for help. She gave me a letter and asked me to bring this to Lucas in Amherst...
Lost quest item:
You lost my letter!! You should have been more careful. Here's the letter again. Please make sure you don't lose the letter, since there are a lot monsters around this area.
Delivering quest:
Completed: I gave Maria's letter to Lucas in Amherst.