Bigg's Collection of Items

Maple Island Quest
Level 0+
Available: Let's start looking for Biggs.
Accepting quest:
I'll give you something nice if you get me 1 Orange Mushroom Caps and 5 Blue Snail Shells! You can get it by taking down the monsters, but ... looking at you, I'm not sure if you're up for the challenge...
In Progress: I met Biggs at Southperry. He asked me if I can get him 1 Orange Mushroom Cap and 5 Blue Snail Shells and that he'll reward me with a nice item if I do so. He doesn't look too convinced that I can do this, but... it looks like a piece of cake to me.
Delivering quest:
Oh wow! You brought them all!! Sweet! Here's an item like I promised. I don't really need it anyway, so take it!
Completed: I got Biggs from Southperry 1 Mushroom Cap and 5 Blue Snail Shells. How is he going to do business out of this anyway? Well, he did get me a decent weapon to use. I guess I can travel for a while with this...