Pio's Collecting Recycled Goods

Maple Island Quest
Level 0+

Needs to be completed for Pio and the Recycling.
Available: When I see Pio, he asks me to help collecting recycled goods.
Accepting quest:
My goodness. So many useful items are being thrown away ... I've been wandering around this town, and I see so many items that are thrown away that can be recycled! Hey, say ... can you help me collect those?
Well, don't worry, I'll reward you well for your effort.
That's right!! Please get me all the supposedly useless items that are abandoned all over town. I'll reward you well for your effort. Hahahah!!!
Well ... I don't know if you've seen the wooden boxes that have been left abandoned on your way here. Did you see them? Your job is to break those boxes and then bring them back as recyclable materials. When you break those boxes, you'll get Old Wooden Board and Rusty Screw in return. Just collect 10 of those for me, okay?

10 Rusty Screws
10 Old Wooden Boards
Old Wooden Board x 10

Rusty Screw x 10
In Progress: I ran into Pio who is famous in Amherst for fixing broken goods. Pio tells me to break down scrap boxes from here and there in the village and bring back Rusty Screw and Old Wooden Board. I think I saw some scrap boxes in the village...

Old Wooden Board 0 / 10
Rusty Screw 0 / 10
Delivering quest:
What? You brought them all? Okay, let's see ...
See what I'm talking about? So many recyclable items thrown away with abandon. We need to do something about this! Anyway thank you so much for your help! Hopefully there are more people like you to help me out. I'll see you around!!
100 experience

200 mesos
Completed: As Pio asked me, I broke down some useless boxes that were lying here and there in the village, and returned it to him. It was fun collecting them because I could find some useful stuff in them as well.