Rain's Maple Quiz 3 (Rain's Maple Quiz)

Maple Island Quest
Level 0+

Requires Rain's Maple Quiz 2 to be completed.

Needs to be completed for Rain's Maple Quiz 4.
Available: Let's solve Rain's 3rd Quiz.
Accepting quest:
The questions I'm giving out aren't terribly difficult! Even if you don't answer it right the first time, just listen to my explanations carefully and you'll be able to pass it. Talk to me when you're ready for the 3rd question.
In Progress: What would be Rain's 3rd Quiz? It won't matter cause I'm good~
Delivering quest:
What do you press to open up your equipment inventory?

1. E
2. S
3. I
That's right! To check out the equipments you're wearing, just press E.
6 experience

Next quest: Rain's Maple Quiz 4
Completed: I found out "E" is the hotkey for opening the Equipment Window. I can take off what I'm wearing by double-clicking on the item in the Equipment Window.