Rain's Maple Quiz 4 (Rain's Maple Quiz)

Maple Island Quest
Level 0+

Requires Rain's Maple Quiz 3 to be completed.

Needs to be completed for Rain's Maple Quiz 5.
Available: Let's solve Rain's 4th Quiz.
Accepting quest:
Alright! You're on question number 4. There are 7 questions total for this Maple Quiz. Talk to me when you're ready.
In Progress: You can solve Rain's Quizzes if you carefully think about it.
Delivering quest:
What do you press to pick up an item on the ground?

1. X
2. S
3. I
4. Z
That's correct. Z is used to pick up items on the ground dropped by the monsters. The other key you can use to pick up items would be 0 on the number pad. As for the seldom-used X, you can use that to sit on a chair. Once you head over to Victoria Island, you'll find some chairs you can sit on. You should try it, since you can recover much faster by sitting as opposed to just standing still!
10 experience

Next quest: Rain's Maple Quiz 5
Completed: Rain's 4th Quiz was finding the hot-key for picking up the items on the ground. That's easy~ it's " Z" of course~ But I found out I can also pick up items with the number key "0"...