Rain's Maple Quiz 6 (Rain's Maple Quiz)

Maple Island Quest
Level 0+

Requires Rain's Maple Quiz 5 to be completed.

Needs to be completed for Rain's Maple Quiz 7.
Available: Shall we solve Rain's 6th Quiz?
Accepting quest:
Wow, you're pretty good at this. Are you assigning your Ability Points (AP) well? You know you get those after leveling up, right? You'll need to know how to assign your AP's well in order to become a powerful hunter. Talk to me when you're ready for the 6th question.
In Progress: Finally, it's the 6th Quiz. I'm happy that my Maple knowledge can be used here like this. Why don't I go for the 6th Quiz?
Delivering quest:
Every time you level up, you can raise your character's ability stats. How many ability points (AP) are you awarded after every level up?

1. 2 points
2. 10 points
3. 5 points
That's right. Every time you level up, you'll be awarded 5 AP's (Ability Point), which can be used to raise your character's abilities. Press S after every level up to check out your character's abilities and the AP's. Make sure to assign those points well for maximum results.
10 experience

Next quest: Rain's Maple Quiz 7
Completed: I learned that every time my level goes up, I get 5 Ability Points(AP) that I can upgrade my abilities. I can see the detail with the hot-key "S".