Rain's Maple Quiz 7 (Rain's Maple Quiz)

Maple Island Quest
Level 0+

Requires Rain's Maple Quiz 6 to be completed.
Available: This is Rain's last Maple Quiz! I'm excited. Let's do it!
Accepting quest:
Alright, here's the LAST QUESTION. Talk to me when you're ready.
In Progress: Finally the last Quiz. Now I think I'm not a beginner~
Delivering quest:
Last question, and this is also the most important one. You can only make the job advancement at Victoria Island, but you're currently at Maple Island. Where do you have to go in order to get on the ride to Victoria Island?

1. Southperry
2. Amherst
3. No way I can get there
Once you get to Victoria Island, the first thing you'd want to do is make the job advancement, right?
You should set your level just right so you can make the job advancement with the job of your choice. Head to Perion to become a Warrior, Henesys for Bowman, Kerning City for Thief, Ellinia for Magician, and Nautilus Harbor for Pirate. If you're curious on where you are on the island, press W for the world map. Always be aware of where you are at all times. Alright, your journey should get much more interesting now! Happy Mapling!!
That's absolutely correct. Head over to Southperry and get on the ship that heads to Victoria Island.
20 experience
Completed: Rain advised me to leave Maple Island and go for a greater journey. In Victoria Island, you can choose your job, and face a whole lot of new adventures. Ok...let's go to Maple Island's SouthPerry...