Heena and Sera

Maple Island Quest
Levels 0 - 10
Available: Maple World, where fantasy and reality meet and have pie! This is the world where many people are eager to listen to my own story. I better go talk to Heena first.
Hello there! You must be new! So your name is...Player? Nice to meet you! I am sure you still feel a bit weird about being in the world of Maple. But don't you worry about a thing! This world welcomes you with open arms.
Hey there! To start a conversation with us, just double-click us, and we'll be talking to you in no time. You can talk to any person or object that displays a chat bubble when you place your mouse cursor over it/us.
You should also know that anyone with a light bulb above their heads will have a quest for you. Those people are dying to talk to you, so if you see any one of them, do not hesitate to double-click!
Oh yeah, I just remembered that Sera has been looking for a new traveler to talk to. What do you think? Do you want to say hello to Sera?
You've just accepted a quest! Now, you should first check the Minimap located on the left side of the screen. Press M to open/close it. It'll display various colors to indicate different people, and the blinking green figures mean they're the residents of this world.
If you look at the Minimap right now, you'll see two green spots. The left one is me, Heena, and the right one is Sera. All you need to do is move to the right for a bit, and you'll see Sera hanging her laundry.
In Progress: Heena told me her sister Sera also likes to meet with new travelers, and wanted me to go see her. Apparently, Sera's near by, hanging laundry. I better head right.
...oh, hello there! You must be a new traveler! Did you just talk to Heena? It's so nice to see you!
Maple Island may be a small island, but this is also a perfect place for me to meet new travelers who have just gotten here. There's nothing quite like making new friends. Player, hopefully you will make lots of new friends here too.
If you want to move on, use the portal located on the right. You see that spot that glows on the ground? That's the portal. Go to that spot and press Up on the arrow key. I'll now bid adieu. May your journey be blessed with greatness.
5 experience
Completed: Sera told me to take the portal on the right and move forward.