Skill - 2

# Image Name
1 Improved MP Recovery
[Master Level : 16] Recovering even more MP every 10 sec. The higher the level of the character and the skill level, the more recovery it enables the character to have. Passive skill
2 Improved MaxMP Increase
[Master Level : 10] This skill boosts up the amount of increase on MaxMP after each Level UP, or AP used on MaxMP. Passive skill
3 Magic Guard
[Master Level : 20] Temporarily replaces damage with MP instead of HP. If MP reaches 0, the HP takes a full hit.
4 Magic Armor
[Master Level : 20] Temporarily boosts the weapon def. of the armor by blowing magic into it.
5 Energy Bolt
[Master Level : 20] Use MP to attack one enemy.
6 Magic Claw
[Master Level : 20] Use MP to attack an enemy twice.
7 MP Eater
[Master Level : 20] Absorbs the enemy's MP when attacking with Magic skills, until it reaches 0. Passive skill
8 Meditation
[Master Level : 20] Meditate for a bit to temporarily boost up the magic attack of party members around the area.
9 Teleport
[Master Level : 20] Use the arrow keys to teleport to other places in the same map on a set distance.
10 Slow
[Master Level : 20] Temporarily slows down the movement of up to 6 monsters. Cannot be used on the same monsters more than twice in a row.
11 Fire Arrow
[Master Level : 30] Attacks a single monster with a fire arrow using the magic power. Applies 1.5 times the damage to the ice-based enemies, whereas fire-based enemies receive half the damage, if that.
12 Poison Breath
[Master Level : 30] Attacks a single monster by splashing a Poison drop. With a given success rate, the monster gets temporarily poisoned.
13 Partial Resistance
[Master Level : 20] Gains resistance against Magic attacks of Fire and Poison. Passive skill
14 Element Amplification
[Master Level : 30] Boosts the capacity for all Magic attacks by using additional MP.
15 Explosion
[Master Level : 30] Attacks up to 6 surrounding monsters by creating an explosion around the character, using fire-based attacks.