Skill - 3

# Image Name
1 The Blessing of Amazon
[Master Level : 16] Increases accuracy. Passive skill
2 Critical Shot
[Master Level : 20] Launches a critical attack with a given success rate. Passive skill
3 The Eye of Amazon
[Master Level : 8] Increases the range of attack for bows and crossbows. Passive skill
4 Focus
[Master Level : 20] Focusing to temporarily increase accuracy and avoidability.
5 Arrow Blow
[Master Level : 20] Fires an arrow with authority. Applies more damage than usual.
6 Double Shot
[Master Level : 20] Fires two arrows at once to attack an enemy twice.
7 Bow Mastery
[Master Level : 20] Increases the bow mastery and accuracy. It only applies when a bow is in hand. Passive skill
8 Final Attack : Bow
[Master Level : 30] Strikes an another, far deadlier blow following the initial attack with a given success rate. It works only when holding a bow. Passive skill
9 Bow Booster
[Master Level : 20] Uses HP and MP to temporarily boost up the attacking speed of the bow. It only works with a bow in hand.
10 Power Knock-Back
[Master Level : 20] Increases the success rate for pushing off the monsters when swinging a bow. As the level rises, the number of monsters that one can push off with one swing increases.
11 Soul Arrow : Bow
[Master Level : 20] Temporarily allows the character to fire bow arrows without using up the arrows. Only works with a bow in hand.
12 Arrow Bomb : Bow
[Master Level : 30] Fires arrows with bombs attached to it. If struck cleanly, the bomb explodes on the enemy, knocking out some of the enemies around with a certain success rate. Can't attack more than 6 at once, and it only works with a bow in hand.
13 Thrust
[Master Level : 20] Boosts up the moving speed. Passive skill
14 Mortal Blow
[Master Level : 20] Enables to shoot monsters within a very close range with a given success rate. Even kills a monster with a single shot every once in a while. Passive skill
15 Puppet
[Master Level : 20] Temporarily summons a puppet, which takes all the attacks from the monsters instead.