Skill - 4

# Image Name
1 Nimble Body
[Master Level : 20] Increases accuracy and avoidability. Passive skill
2 Keen Eyes
[Master Level : 8] Increases the range of attack using throwing weapons such as throwing stars & knives. Passive skill
3 Disorder
[Master Level : 20] Temporarily decreases the weapon def. and attacking abilities of the affected, even stunting the ongoing attacks. Can't use this skill on a monster that's already in "disorder."
4 Dark Sight
[Master Level : 20] Use MP to hide behind the shadows. Can't be attacked, and can't attack either.
5 Double Stab
[Master Level : 20] Use MP to quickly stab a monster twice in one turn using a dagger.
6 Lucky Seven
[Master Level : 20] Use MP to throw 2 throwing stars and apply damage based on LUK, regardless of the rate of Claw Mastery.
7 Claw Mastery
[Master Level : 20] Increases the mastery of throwing stars and accuracy, along with the maximum number of throwing stars to recharge. It only applies when the character is throwing stars. Passive skill
8 Critical Throw
[Master Level : 30] Enables the character to make a critical attack with throwing stars on a certain success rate. Passive skill
9 Endure
[Master Level : 20] Recovers additional amount of HP and MP. Passive skill
10 Claw Booster
[Master Level : 20] Use HP and MP to temporarily boost up the attacking speed of the claw. It only applies when the character is equipped with a claw throwing stars.
11 Haste
[Master Level : 20] Temporarily improves the speed and jumping ability of every member of the party.
12 Drain
[Master Level : 30] Absorb some of the damage dished out to the enemy as HP. The most one can absorb at once is the character's MaxHP / 2, and can't absorb more than the MaxHP of the enemy.
13 Alchemist
[Master Level : 20] Increases the effect of the recovery-based items like potions and others, and lengthen time for the effect, if the item is based on such. However, items such as Elixir and others that base the recovery in % do not apply in this skill. Passive skill
14 Meso Up
[Master Level : 20] For a certain amount of time, everyone in the party can make the enemies drop more mesos than usual with this skill.
15 Shadow Partner
[Master Level : 30] Temporarily summons a shadow of oneself, repeating every move. There's no real stamina in it, and it will disappear after a while.