Skill - 5

# Image Name
1 Bullet Time
[Master Level : 20] Increases accuracy and avoidability. Passive skill
2 Flash Fist
[Master Level : 20] Uses MP to speed up the punch to rapidly attack enemies.
3 Sommersault Kick
[Master Level : 20] A devastating kick that accompanies a backward sommersault. Attacks all enemies in the vicinity.
4 Double Shot
[Master Level : 20] Fires two bullets at once to apply double damage to monsters.
5 Dash
[Master Level : 10] Press left or right arrow twice to temporarily boost your speed and jump.
6 Improve MaxHP
[Master Level : 10] Apply AP to MaxHP to improve the rate of increase for MaxHP. Passive skill
7 Knuckler Mastery
[Master Level : 20] Boosts the accuracy and the mastery of Knucklers. This skill only applies when you equip a Knuckler. Passive skill
8 Backspin Blow
[Master Level : 20] This skill allows you to quickly slide back and elbow multiple monsters at once to apply damage and temporarily stun them.
9 Double Uppercut
[Master Level : 20] A quick round of two punches to apply damage and temporarily stun a monster.
10 Corkscrew Blow
[Master Level : 20] This skill allows you to run forward and punch multiple monsters in front at once.
11 MP Recovery
[Master Level : 10] Recovers MP by using up a bit of HP.
12 Knuckler Booster
[Master Level : 20] Uses parts of HP and MP to temporarily boost the speed of a Knuckler. This skill can only be triggered when a Knuckler is equipped.
13 Oak Barrel
[Master Level : 10] This skill will allow you to safely navigate your way through monsters without being recognized by donning an Oak Barrel. Some clever monsters may be able to tell, though, so be careful. If you are lying down, it's literally impossible to tell the difference!
14 Stun Mastery
[Master Level : 20] When attacking a monster that's stunned, the critical attack will be triggered at a set rate. Passive skill
15 Energy Charge
[Master Level : 40] A set amount of energy is charged after every attack. When the energy is fully charged, this will automatically trigger the effects of the Body Attack and Stance, and will allow you to use energy-related skills. Passive skill