Food 1 | Use

# Image Name
1 Apple
A red, ripe, and tasty apple. Recovers around 30 HP.
2 Meat
A tasty-looking meat. Recovers 100 HP.
3 Egg
A nutritious egg. Recovers 50 HP.
4 Orange
A sweet, tasty orange. Recovers around 50 MP.
5 Lemon
Very sour. Recovers 150 MP.
6 Honey
Fresh honey extracted from the beehive. Recovers around 30% of both HP and MP.
7 Pot of Honey
A pot full of fresh honey. Recovers 50% of both HP and MP.
8 Roger's Apple
A ripe, red apple. Recovers HP 30. To eat Roger's Apple, simply double-click on it in your use inventory.
9 Green Apple
Sour and crunchy green apple. Recovers MP +30.
10 Poisonous Mushroom
A very poisonous mushroom.
11 Drake's Blood
Drake's blood. Attack +8 for 5 min.
12 Fairy's Honey
It's honey, the fairies' favorite. Avoidability +10 for 5 min.
13 Sap of Ancient Tree
Sap of a thousands-of-years-old tree. Magic Attack +10 for 5 min.
14 Drake's Meat
Drake's meat. Weapon Def. +10 for 5 min.
15 Purified Honey
Fairies favorite purified honey. Avoidability +40 for 5 min. (Modification Request)