Food 2 | Use

# Image Name
1 Salad
Made out of fresh vegetable. Recovers 200 MP.
2 Fried Chicken
Well-fried chicken. Recovers around 200 HP.
3 Cake
A cake full of sweetness. Recovers 100 for both HP and MP.
4 Pizza
A freshly-baked pizza. Recovers 400 HP.
5 Hamburger
A hamburger with bulgogi in it. Recovers 400 HP.
6 Hot Dog
A hotdog with ketchup on it. Recovers 300 HP.
7 Hot Dog Supreme
A huge hot dog. Recovers 500 HP.
8 Dried Squid
Well-dried. Recovers 600 HP.
9 Fat Sausage
Tastes great, and is quite nutritious. Recovers 1200 HP.
10 Orange Juice
Pure OJ... Recovers 450 MP.
11 Grape Juice
Used real grapes for this. Recovers 900 MP.
12 W Ramen
A cup ramen with awesome soup. Recovers 40% of HP and MP..
13 Melting Cheese
A mouth-watering cheese made out of fresh milk. Recovers 4000 HP.
14 Reindeer Milk
Fresh milk squeezed out of a reindeer. Recovers 5000 HP.
15 Sunrise Dew
Dew collected early morning. Recovers 4000 MP