Return Scrolls | Use

# Image Name
1 Return Scroll - Nearest Town
Returns you to the nearest town.
2 Return Scroll to Lith Harbor
Returns you to Lith Harbor.
3 Return Scroll to Ellinia
Returns you to Ellinia.
4 Return Scroll to Perion
Returns you to Perion.
5 Return Scroll to Henesys
Returns you to Henesys.
6 Return Scroll to Kerning City
Returns you to the dark Kerning City.
7 Return Scroll to Sleepywood
Returns you to Sleepywood, a quiet and dark forest-town.
8 Return Scroll to Dead Mine
Returns you to the dead mine at the higher ground of El Nath. Can only be used in Orbis and El Nath.
9 Coffee Milk
Returns you to the nearest town.
10 Strawberry Milk
Returns you to Mushroom Shrine.
11 Fruit Milk
Returns you to Showa Town.
12 Command Center Warp Capsule
A warp capsule that allows the owner of the capsule to warp to the Command Center of Omega Sector.
13 Ludibrium Warp Capsule
A warp capsule that returns you to Ludibrium.
14 Phylia's Warp Powder
Warp powder made by fairy Phylia. Teleports you to Magatia when used inside the Nihal desert region.
15 Return Scroll to Nautilus
This scroll enables you to return to the Pirate village, Nautilus. This is a one use item and will disappear after use.