Skill Books | Use

# Image Name
1 Lava Bottle
A glass bottle that contains an actual lava, which is waiting to be spilled out. Drink this lava, and the lava will consume the body with fire, which will enable the drinker to master Fire Demon.
2 Black Cloud Machine
A mechanical device that produces black clouds. Enables the character to acquire the Smokescreen skill using the clouds.
3 Firm Hand
A stimulant packaged inside a bottle that resembles a clenched fist. Drinking the stimulant will allow the character to acquire The Will of a Warrior.
4 [Skill Book] Maple Hero
You can learn Maple Hero with this book. Job : All 4th jobs Condition : Maple Hero not acquired.
5 [Skill Book] Infinity
You can learn Infinity with this book. Job : 4th Advancement Magician Condition : Infinity not acquired
6 [Skill Book] Dragon's Breath
You can learn Dragon's Breath with this book.w Job : 4th Advancement Bowman Condition : Dragon's Breath not acquired
7 [Skill Book] Taunt
You can learn Taunt with this book. Job : 4th Advancement Thief Condition : Taunt not acquired
8 [Skill Book] Advanced Combo Attack
You can learn Advanced Combo Attack with this book. Class : Hero Condition : Advanced Combo not acquired
9 [Skill Book] Advanced Charge
You can learn Advanced Charge with this book. Class : Paladin Condition : Advanced Charge not acquired
10 [Skill Book] Angel Ray
You can learn Angel Ray with this book. Class : Bishop Condition : Angel Ray not acquired
11 [Skill Book] Triple Throw
You can learn Triple Throw with this book. Class : Night Lord Condition : Triple Throw not acquired
12 Ancient Ice Powder
This is a pack full of ancient ice powder. If you eat this, you will feel chilled and can learn Ice Demon.
13 [Skill Book] Rush
You can learn Rush with this book. Job : 4th Advancement Warrior Condition : Rush not acquired