Orange Potion

A concentrated potion made out of red herbs. Recovers 150 HP.
AvailabilityUsed for
Dropped by: Desert Rabbit (F), Desert Rabbit (M), Jr. Cactus, Cactus, Royal Cactus, Bellamoa, Ear Plug Plead, Scarf Plead, Meercat, Horny Mushroom, Sand Rat, Scorpion, Dark Axe Stump, Jr. Necki, Blue Mushroom, Evil Eye, Zombie Mushroom, Wild Boar, Trixter, Seacle, Cico, Krappy, Pinboom, Wooden Mask, Rocky Mask, Flower Fish, Stirge, Sentinel, Fairy 1, Fire Boar, Stumpy, Deo, Jr. Sentinel, Ice Sentinel, Fire Sentinel, Buffoon, Yeti Doll, UFO Catcher, Doll Vending Machine, Stopnow, Batoo, Killa Bee, Mighty Maple Eater, Fancy Amplifier, Demon Slime

Sold by: Lucy (160 mesos), Mina (160 mesos), Luna (160 mesos), Arturo (160 mesos), Len the Fairy (160 mesos), Dr. Faymus (160 mesos), Mr. Sweatbottom (160 mesos), Valen (160 mesos), Edel the Fairy (160 mesos), Hana (160 mesos), Glibber (166 mesos), Gumball Machine (152 mesos), Toly (152 mesos), Misky (152 mesos), Dr. Pepper (152 mesos), Oannes (160 mesos), Bung's Mama (160 mesos), Sly (160 mesos), Dalsuk (160 mesos), Lan Ming (160 mesos), SagaT (160 mesos), Wendy (160 mesos), Candy (160 mesos), Miki (160 mesos), Doran (160 mesos), Mayoren (160 mesos), Gali (160 mesos), Jerry (160 mesos), Lady Jin (160 mesos), Kok Hua (160 mesos), Parn (160 mesos), Rana (160 mesos), Ah Fang (160 mesos), Johanna (160 mesos), Ishirasu (150 mesos), Niu Er (160 mesos)

Rewarded from: DANGER! <2-H. Mushroom>, Eliminate Monsters from the Site, Beginner Warrior's Second Training Session, Beginner Magician's Second Training Session, Beginner Bowman's Second Training Session, Beginner Thief's Second Training Session, The Beginner Pirate's Second Training Session, Giant Swowman's Purple box, Thanksgiving : Turkey Yellow Egg hunt, Thanksgiving : Turkey Green Egg hunt, Festival of Lights - Blessing the Festival reward, Amoria : The Sakura Garden 1

Quest: A Way to Fight Off Sleep, Lisa's Special Medicine II