White Potion

A highly-concentrated potion made out of red herbs. Recovers 300 HP.
AvailabilityUsed for
Dropped by: Blue Mushroom, Evil Eye, Zombie Mushroom, Green Trixter, Bubble Fish, Brown Teddy, Krip, Sand Dwarf , Kiyo, Ligator, Pink Teddy, Ratz, Cube Slime, Dark Sand Dwarf , Rumo, Triple Rumo, Fire Boar, Jr. Cellion, Jr. Lioner, Jr. Grupin, Panda Teddy, Roloduck, Black Ratz, Helly, Tick, Retz, Scuba Pepe, Lupin, Curse Eye, Jr. Wraith, Lorang, King Bloctopus, Mask Fish, Star Pixie, Jr. Boogie 1, Jr. Boogie 2, Bloctopus, Propelly, Planey, Toy Trojan, Chronos, Chirppy, Tweeter, Drumming Bunny, Jr. Seal, Iron Mutae, Reinforced Iron Mutae, Mithril mutae, Copper Drake, Tortie, Dark Nependeath, Rombot, Dark Nependeath, Seruf, Cold Eye, Zombie Lupin, Wraith, Iron Hog, Nependeath, Lunar Pixie, Flyeye, Jr. Cerebes, Block Golem, King Block Golem, Robo, Master Robo, Tick-Tock, Platoon Chronos, Master Chronos, Barnard Gray, Zeta Gray, Ultra Gray, Mateon, Plateon, Mecateon, Nependeath, Sparker, Freezer, Skeledog, Mummydog, Poopa, Poison Poopa, Moon Bunny, Iron Boar, Chipmunk, Red Porky, Black Porky, Blue Flower Serpent, Red Flower Serpent, Jar, Ginseng Jar, Desert Giant , Chief Gray, Lord Tree, Jr. Yeti, Firebomb, Hodori, Hogul, Reinforced Mithril Mutae , Roid , Neo Huroid, Luster Pixie, Cellion, Lioner, Grupin, MT-09, Grizzly, Bellflower Root, Sr. Bellflower Root, Straw Target Dummy, Wooden Target Dummy, Reindeer, The Book Ghost, Drake, Croco, Coolie Zombie, Miner Zombie, Mixed Golem, King Clang, Faust, Timer, Moss Mushroom, Stone Bug, Prehistoric Boar, Leatty, Dark Leatty, Malady, Jr. Pepe, Site, Mr. Alli, Peach Monkey, Kru, Sage Cat, Zeno, Lazy Buffy, Soul Teddy, Master Soul Teddy, Dark Drake, Officer Skeleton, Dark Yeti, Deep Buffoon, Dual Beetle, Death Teddy, Goby, Commander Skeleton, Captain, Rash, Dual Ghost Pirate, Tae Roon, Old Fox, King Sage Cat, Homunscullo, Harp, Blood Harp, Black Kentaurus, Red Kentaurus, Blue Kentaurus, Birk, Dual Birk, Spirit Viking, Squid, Phantom Watch, Grim Phantom Watch, Iron Hog, Angry Lord Pirate, Enraged Lord Pirate, Lord Pirate, Franken Lloyd, Deeply Poisoned Lord Tree, Stray Dog, Stylish Stray Dog, Angry Stray Dog, Clown Monkey, Yeti Doll, Red Lizard, Freezer, Nospeed, Rooster, Duck, Sheep, Cow, Black Sheep, Berserkie, Veetron, Scaredy Scarlion, Charmer, Fire Tusk, Boomer, Chunin, Jonin, Kunoichi, Male Mannequin

Sold by: Lucy (320 mesos), Mina (320 mesos), Luna (320 mesos), Arturo (320 mesos), Len the Fairy (320 mesos), Dr. Faymus (320 mesos), Mr. Sweatbottom (320 mesos), Valen (320 mesos), Edel the Fairy (320 mesos), Hana (320 mesos), Glibber (332 mesos), Gumball Machine (304 mesos), Toly (304 mesos), Misky (304 mesos), Dr. Pepper (304 mesos), Oannes (320 mesos), Bung's Mama (320 mesos), Sly (320 mesos), Dalsuk (320 mesos), Lan Ming (320 mesos), SagaT (320 mesos), Wendy (320 mesos), Candy (320 mesos), Miki (320 mesos), Doran (320 mesos), Mayoren (320 mesos), Gali (320 mesos), Jerry (320 mesos), Lady Jin (320 mesos), Kok Hua (320 mesos), Parn (320 mesos), Rana (320 mesos), Ah Fang (330 mesos), Johanna (320 mesos), Ishirasu (320 mesos), Niu Er (320 mesos)

Rewarded from: Dr. Faymus's Request, DANGER! <1-G. Mushroom>, DANGER! <2-H. Mushroom>, Eliminate Monsters from the Site, Beginner Warrior's Third Training Session, Beginner Warrior's Last Training Session, Beginner Magician's Third Training Session, Beginner Magician's Last Training Session, Beginner Bowman's Third Training Session, Beginner Bowman's Last Training Session, Beginner Thief's Third Training Session, Beginner Thief's Last Training Session, Beginner Pirate's Third Training Session, Beginner Pirate's Fourth Training Session, Food-Hunting for Moppie III, The Sprayer Elma Borrowed 2, Sejan's Sand Bandits, Giant Swowman's Purple box, Giant Snowman's Blue Box, Thanksgiving : Turkey Yellow Egg hunt, Thanksgiving : Turkey Green Egg hunt, Festival of Lights - Blessing the Festival reward

Quest: A Way to Fight Off Sleep