A legendary potion. Recovers 50% of the HP. Also recovers 50% of MP.
Dropped by: Ligator, Iron Mutae, Copper Drake, Tortie, Dark Nependeath, Rombot, Dark Nependeath, Wraith, Iron Hog, Clang, King Block Golem, Master Robo, Master Chronos, Ultra Gray, Plateon, Mecateon, Sparker, Freezer, Mummydog, Iron Boar, Chief Gray, Jr. Yeti, Hodori, Samiho, Hogul, Neo Huroid, Luster Pixie, Cellion, Lioner, Grupin, MT-09, Reindeer, Drake, Stone Golem, Dark Stone Golem, Croco, Hector, Dark Jr. Yeti, Coolie Zombie, Miner Zombie, White Fang, Mixed Golem, Skeleton Soldier, Malady, Site, Red Drake, Pepe, Buffy, Morphed Blin, Panda, Mr. Alli, Kru, Sage Cat, Dark Pepe, Lazy Buffy, Soul Teddy, Master Soul Teddy, Ice Drake, Dark Drake, Officer Skeleton, Transformed Yeti, Buffoon, Dark Yeti, Transformed Dark Yeti, Deep Buffoon, Homunculus , Lucida, Cerebes, Beetle, Dual Beetle, Hankie, Tauromacis, Yeti and Pepe, Commander Skeleton, Captain, Werewolf, Master Death Teddy, Yellow King Goblin, Blue King Goblin, Green King Goblin, Rash, Dark Rash, Hobi, Green Hobi, Harp, Dark Yeti and Pepe, Klock, Dark Klock, Manon, Griffey, Elliza, Snowman, Pianus (R), Pianus (L), Iron Hog, Lord Pirate, Franken Lloyd, Black Crow, Bodyguard A, Bodyguard B, Blue Mushmom, Clown Monkey, Snack Bar, Tippo Blue, Trucker, Pac Pinky, Oly Oly, Charmer, Jester Scarlion, Afterroad, Overload, Protoroad, Maverick A, Maverick Y, Maverick B, Maverick V, Eruwater, Vergamot, Nameless Magic Monster, Dunas, Nibergen, Imperial Guard, Royal Guard, Auf Haven, Dunas, The Boss, Gryphon, I.AM.ROBOT, Boomer, Chunin, Ninto, Kacchuu Musha, Kunoichi, Transformed Blue Perfume

Available from any Gachapon

Rewarded from: Jane's First Challenge, Shumi's Lost Bundle of Money, POLLUTED! <2-Curse Eye>, Collecting Wolf Skin, Cleaning Up the Outer Parts of Eos Tower, Collecting 300 Mateon Tentacles, Yaku's Request, Finding the Ingredients for Tae Sang, Eliminating Blue Mushmom, Welcome to New Leaf City Quiz 12, Giant Swowman's Purple box, Giant Snowman's Blue Box, Giant Snowman's Red Box, Giant Snowman's White Box, Fox So Foxy, The Ghost Whereabout, A Puppet, Open Sesami, Thanksgiving : Turkey Yellow Egg hunt, Thanksgiving : Turkey Green Egg hunt, Festival of Lights - Blessing the Festival reward, Amoria : Circle of Trust 2 (A Bond is Forged), For Phyllia, Ulu City Energy Thieves, Playing Around in Ninja Town, Defeat the Great Offender