Arrow for Bow

A barrel full of arrows. Only usable with bows.
Dropped by: Snail, Blue Snail, Shroom, Red Snail, Trixter, Seacle, Cico, Krappy, Pinboom, Flower Fish, Krip, Retz, Scuba Pepe, Chronos, Jr. Seal, King Block Golem, Master Robo, Mateon, Mecateon, Freezer, Poison Poopa, Moon Bunny, Iron Boar, MT-09, Mixed Golem, Stray Dog, Stylish Stray Dog, Angry Stray Dog, Clown Monkey, Biker Monkey, Red Bubble Tea, Yellow Bubble Tea, Green Bubble Tea, Yeti Doll, Jr. Pepe Doll, UFO Catcher, Doll Vending Machine, Toad, Frog, White Rooster, Coke Pig, Coke Snail, Play Seal, Igloo Turtle, Coke Slime, Coke Mushroom, Coketump, Coketump Lite, Mighty Maple Eater

Sold by: Mina (1 mesos), Luna (1 mesos), Arturo (1 mesos), Len the Fairy (1 mesos), Dr. Faymus (1 mesos), Mr. Sweatbottom (1 mesos), 24 Hr Mobile Store (2 mesos), Edel the Fairy (1 mesos), Hana (1 mesos), Glibber (1 mesos), Gumball Machine (1 mesos), Toly (1 mesos), Misky (1 mesos), Dr. Pepper (1 mesos), Oannes (1 mesos), Bung's Mama (1 mesos), Sly (1 mesos), Dalsuk (1 mesos), Lan Ming (1 mesos), SagaT (1 mesos), Wendy (1 mesos), Candy (1 mesos), Miki (1 mesos), Mayoren (1 mesos), Gali (1 mesos), Jerry (1 mesos), Lady Jin (1 mesos), Kok Hua (1 mesos), Ali (1 mesos), Parn (1 mesos), Rana (1 mesos), Ah Fang (1 mesos), Johanna (1 mesos), Ishirasu (40 mesos), Niu Er (1 mesos), Qian Qian (1 mesos), noname (1 mesos)

Rewarded from: Festival of Lights - Blessing the Festival reward